Fogtown is a puppet-led comedic mystery-adventure TV series (for the whole family!) that follows the exploits of the brilliant but easily distracted Sherblock and his ever-devoted companion Blockson.

While squaring off against a rogue's gallery of fearsome and off-kilter criminals, our detectives crack cases and go wildly off track in equal measure.

Fogtown is a show unlike any other, combining the powers of cutting-edge virtual production techniques and the timeless charm of handmade puppets.

We aim to bring this traditional form of story telling into the modern world through creative choices like filming our puppet stars against realtime 3D backgrounds (not unlike the way The Mandalorian was created)!

We're certain you'll love Fogtown if you have a special place in your heart for Wallace & Gromit, The Muppets, Monty Python, The Nightmare Before Christmas and, of course, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Beloved Characters

presented as puppets

played by people

(with insanely great voices)

Immersive Environments

every inch painstakingly rendered by our incredible digital artists

and made to look like a handmade cardboard diorama

A Story for Our Age

Madcap mysteries inspired by the past and present,

told with comedy and charm.

Super Fancy Tech

Cutting-edge techniques of virtual production meet the age-old tradition of storytelling through puppetry.

A Bunch of Nerds

Playing with dolls in their basement.

There's not an easy way to put an inspirational spin on that fact.

Do with this information as you will.

Find Fogtown on YouTube!

We've got lots of silly sketches, proof of concept experiments, and heartfelt endorsements from the cast and crew.

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What makes Fogtown Special?

Handmade Puppets, Virtual Production-Powered 3D Environments, and a Story With Heart

Fogtown is made by some pretty bizarre folks based out of Portland, OR.

Be careful, they have been known to break into rhyme and alliterate at you if provoked!

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